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Viva Robotic Pool Cleaner

Viva Robotic Pool Cleaner
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Viva Robotic Pool Cleaner

Aquabot Viva Robotic Pool Vacuum Cleaner, ideal for all residential swimming pools.

The Aquabot Viva robotic pool cleaner employs all of the functions and benefits of the Aquabot Bravo Plus pool cleaner plus much more.

The Viva is equipped with two DC high-speed drive motors and split rollers for greater manoeuvrability, and features a revolutionary Radio Remote Control System enabling a unique ability to spot-clean troublesome areas of the pool... at the touch of a button.

Aquatron pride it's self on having the most up-to-date technology to offer. Aqua Smart System is an intelligent program for robotic pool cleaners which aids the cleaner to fully cover and efficiently clean any standard residential swimming pool.

The new VIVA employs a very carefully engineered, state-of-the-art Aqua Control technology allowing communication with the device. This unique control keypad gives the end-user the ability to customize the robot in order to change the program, choose different features, and have complete control of the cleaning parameters. In addition, the new Aquabot Viva pool cleaner / pool vacuum features a revolutionary Radio Remote Control which gives the Viva the ability to clean any area of the pool at the touch of a button!

This swimming pool system does the work for you.

Features of the Programmable Power supply : -

• You have a choice of cleaning level –
o High suction strength for heavy debris.
o Moderate suction for day to day average debris.
o Low suction strength for light debris & leaves.

• You can set the wall climbing frequency –
o Floor and frequent wall climbing.
o Floor and regular wall climbing.
o Floor only.

• You have the choice of a 1 hour, 2 hour or 3 hour cleaning cycle.

• You can set the size of your pool,
o Small (8 x 4m),
o Medium (10 x 5m),
o Large ( 12 x 6m)

• You can program in your pool shape, which allows the robot to calculate the most efficient cleaning pattern.

• Set the angle of the floor to the wall

• Auto Detect obstacle’s – prevents delays in changing direction if the cleaner if it makes contact with obstacles in your pool.

• Filter check indicator light lets you know that the filter needs cleaning for the cleaner to work more efficiently.

Ideal for Lap pools and small pools - because of its manoeuvrability.

Ideal for Large pools - has a longer 23 mtr cable.

Ideal for odd shaped pools – the remote control ensures troublesome spots are a thing of the past.

The cleaner comes with a Caddy - Allows you to store your cleaner, hose and power supply neatly off of the ground, and easily wheel it away out of sight when not in use.

2 years warranty

• Recommended Pool Size: up to 100sqm
• Water filtrated: 284 l/min
• Floating Cable: 23 meters
• Filter: reusable up to 2 microns
• Unit Weight: 9.8kg
• Drive Motor: high speed 2 x 24 V
• Pump Motor: high efficiency 24 V
• Electric Spec: 230 Volt /50 Hz
• Shipping Dimensions: 51 x 51 x 53 cm

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