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Magnum Pool Cleaner

The Magnum commercial pool cleaner offers operators and maintenance personnel of mid-size commercial pools (up to 25 m in length) - all of the advantages and operating features of the wide body Ultramax, including Aqua Smart System™ guidance technology, in a more compact package.
Magnum incorporates all six of Ultramax’s optional pool cleaning programs, including wireless 4-directional Remote Control.
Its body’s size makes Magnum highly manoeuvrable for “spot cleaning” areas requiring additional attention.
All Aquatron units come with an advanced power supply, thus making them the most versatile commercial - public pool vacuum cleaners on the market. The totally redesigned LCD display allows a total control of cleaning options. Fully customizable, it comprises six programs to choose from according to pool’s needs.

The Magnum comes with
• a high intelligence, self diagnostic, LCD display transformer
• Ability to program the operating time, (3, 5 or 7hr), pool length, pool surface material and cleaning level.
• Delayed start option ( 2, or 3hr) to allow debris to settle after pool closure.
• Designed for heavy-duty use with stainless steel drive plates.
• Two High-Speed Energy efficient drive motors – a master and a slave.
• One Powerful suction pump motor.
• Cleans virtually any surface including tiles - fitted with PVA rubber long-life brushes.
• Sophisticated radio remote system allows complete control up to 30 metres away.
• Automatic shut down if it leaves the water.
• Reverses back into the water in a beached area.
• 30 metre floating cable
• 1 x 3 micron reusable filter bag
• spare 1 x 3 micron filter bag
• 1 x 2 wheel trolley
• 24 month (or 1500hour ) warranty, (whichever comes first) on pumps & motors
• 12 months warranty on supply box and cable
• 7 years on stainless steel drive parts
• The Magnum has a Cleaning Rate of 650m²/hr
• Volume Filtered 19,000Lt / hr ( Magnum)

Shipping dimensions: 88.5 x 51.5 x 54.5 cm

Requires NO supervision once in use
Minimal maintenance
Works independently of pool filtration system

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